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Anklebreaker Biography


Tom van Rooijen A.K.A. ‘’Anklebreaker’’ is known for his passion for melodies on the piano and he wants to share these melodies with the world!


At first he started to play piano at his parent's house, by just fooling around with the keys. The first melody he learned to play by ear was ‘’Keep it coming’’ by D-block & S-te-fan. It was also the first melody that he recorded and posted on Youtube , Channel ‘’howyoudoing88’’. After all the great responses on the video he decided to make more covers! Many videos are shared by the biggest names in the scene like Headhunterz, D-block & S-te-fan, Q-dance, Frontliner, Da tweekaz and many more.


Not long after that, he started to make his own melodies. One melody changed a lot for Tom. He was so convinced that his melody could be an awesome hardstyle track. This melody caught the attention of ‘Cristiano’. Cristiano A.K.A. ‘’Technoboy’’ is a legend in the hard dance scene and travels the world to showcase his tracks and DJ talents. He contacted Tom and ‘’involved’’ him in his project to make a track together.


The track is called ‘’Technoboy & Anklebreaker - Celebrate Life’’ and was premiered at ’’Qlimax 2012’’ for thousands of people. Technoboy invited Tom and his wife to be part of this magical moment. Watch the full story at http://youtube.com/TechnoboyDJ. The track reached the number one position at 'hardstyle.com' within 48 hours.


Tom’s alias ‘’Anklebreaker’’ is a basketball term. He played basketball since he is 8 years old. Anklebreaker is a crossover dribble in which the sudden change of direction causes the defender guarding ballhandle to fall down. To convert this to music: Jump to his melodies until you break your ankles!.


In 2013 he got the chance to work with his idols ''Da Tweekaz''. Together they made the euphorical track called 'Music is my drug'.


He will continue to compose melodies for electronic dance music, so you will hear alot more from him.